SackShotZ Clash of Clans

Join SackShotz

So you’re interesting in joining SackShotZ?  Here is what is expected of you as a new member.

  1. DON’T BEG FOR TROOPS – Asking for troops is fine from time to time, and for sure during war but if you’re one of those people that ask for troops for every attack, GTFO now.  DON’T ASK FOR TROOPS until you’ve built up your ratio a little, if we see begging going on and your ratio sucks, you will be kicked.
  2. BE ACTIVE FOR WAR - We have 2 mandatory clan wars a week, WAR (not prep) starts Thurs and Saturday, if you can’t hang with that, this isn’t the clan for you.
    1. If you don’t follow our war strat or don’t attack in war you will be kicked
  3. DON’T ASK TO BE PROMOTED - After you hang out with us for a little bit and get a couple wars in you’ll be made an elder, you don’t need to ask.  If you ask, it will take longer.
  4. DON’T HAVE A RUSHED TOWN - We’re fine with new players and are glad to help you grow and become better at attacking, but if you are a TH7 with lvl 1 Air Defense or Wizard Towers because you rushed your town hall, save us the trouble and just quit right now, you will be kicked.  All you are is 3 easy stars for the enemy clan in war.
  5. DON’T BE ANNOYING IN CHAT –  Don’t act like like a child in chat, treat all members with respect (new and old) and don’t be overly chatty.  Outside of war our chat isn’t always active, during war is another story.  That doesn’t mean that anyone wants to read 40 msg’s of you babbling about nonsense.  If you want an active chatroom, get on Kik.